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Ozzy - Official Trailer

1,063 Views | 1:59 | Uploaded on Mar 22, 2017

In the official trailer for the animated movie Ozzy, Ozzy the beagle has a family who loves him. When they get a letter confirming their vacation to Japan, they also find to their dismay that Ozzy can't come. Then they spot an ad on TV for a luxury retreat for dogs and decide to leave Ozzy there. As they drive away, someone holds a dog cookie out to Ozzy and tells him, "Say goodbye to your family." Just as Ozzy is about to eat the tasty treat, the man crushes it in his palm and tells a worker to take Ozzy away. He's loaded into a van with other dogs and driven away to the "real Blue Creek" - a high security, fenced in prison. Ozzy is thrown into a cell, where his cell mate informs he he's planning to escape and tells the beagle he can come too, if he wants. 

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