Over My Dead Body

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1h 20m | Documentary

Diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, Dave St-Pierre has had a distinguished career as a contemporary dancer. In recent years, the limitations of his illness forced him to turn to choreography. In this capacity, he designed the pieces "The Pornography of Souls" and "A Shot of Tenderness for Crying out Loud," two provocative and poetic group works that achieved international success. At 34, realizing he will die within two years if he does not get a lung transplant, Dave stops resisting and agrees to be placed on a waiting list for the surgery. Meanwhile, he produces "Over My Dead Body," in which, almost alone on stage with his oxygen tank, he tells the audience about the great joys in his life and his fears about death. Behind the scenes and in his daily life, Dave is filmed by his accomplice and friend, actress Brigitte Poupart, who will accompany him right up to the doors of the operating room.

Director: Brigitte Poupart
Studio: Les Films du 3 mars
Producer(s): Brigitte Poupart, Stéphanie Morissette, Virginie Dubois
Cast: Dave St-Pierre, Brigitte Poupart, Enrica Boucher, Francis Ducharme
Writer(s): Brigitte Poupart

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