Out of Respect: A Story of Five

Out of Respect: A Story of Five Movie Poster
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Documentary, Drama

"Out of Respect" follows five LGBT young adults overcoming the repercussions of family neglect and abandonment. The story spans one year, including first person video diaries and intimate interviews about day-to-day hustles of survival.

Audiences will witness the strength of individuals who, when faced with crisis, are still determined to forge paths to success. From sleeping in cars, to dealing with mental illness and abusive families, these young people offer all viewers a chance to understand the vital role that family and community play in creating healthy lives for LGBT youth.

The story also focuses on prevention as opposed to providing aide to victims, by highlighting a recent Milwaukee-based, LGBT youth-service initiative. This outreach in action is a model for other cities and at-risk youth organizations.

Sharing these stories is a vital step toward awakening social consciousness to welcome, encourage and adequately provide committed support for all young people in need.

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