Our Struggles

Olivier, a team leader at a packaging warehouse for an online company, doesn’t have the courage to admit to Jean-Luc, an older leader of his team, that he’s about to be fired. Olivier tries to convince management to change their minds, but Jean-Luc is still fired, then promptly commits suicide.

Not only that, but soon after, Olivier’s depressed wife Laura walks out on the family without an explanation,  leaving Olivier to care for their two children: the tiny and mischievous Rose, and his son Elliot, who’s serious and considerate.

Olivier gets help from his widowed mother and younger sister, an actress who has come to spend a few days in the region to celebrate her nephew's ninth birthday.

Director: Guillaume Senez
Studio: Axia Films
Producer(s): David Thion, Isabelle Truc, Philippe Martin
Cast: Romain Duris, Basile Grunberger, Lena Girard Voss, Lucie Debay, Laure Calamy, Dominique Valadié, Laetitia Dosch, Sarah Le Picard
Writer(s): Raphaëlle Desplechin, Guillaume Senez

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