Our Private Lives

Our Private Lives Movie Poster

After a lengthy virtual relationship over the internet, Milena and Philip take the plunge and agree to finally meet. Having lived in Montreal for over a decade, Milena, an immigrant of Bulgarian descent, agrees to meet her correspondent Philip, a flirtatious photographer from Sofia.

Out in an isolated cottage in Quebec’s countryside, the couple abandon themselves to one another. Between periods of cultural clashes and fleshy pleasures, the two assess each other and the possibilities for true love. But strange, uncanny events soon disrupt Milena and Philip’s quiet intimacy as secrecy and silence slowly set in.
Director: Denis Côté
Studio: Atopia
Producer(s): Denis Côté, Rafael Ouellet
Cast: Penko S. Gospodinov, Anastassia Liutova, Jean-Charles Fonti
Writer(s): Denis Côté

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