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User review rating: 1 October 24, 2016

Really REALLY bad.

User review rating: 2 April 04, 2015

Can't say it was the best horror movie, but closer to one of the worse ones. Definitely a teen movie. Jumped 3-4 times because you are expecting something and it doesn't happen. Except for the main actress the others are pretty lame and they have been in more movies too. Unless you are a teenager don't waste your time, but I'm sure that is the age group it was meant for anyway.

User review rating: 4 February 08, 2015

Could have had more special effects but overall it was a good movie.

User review rating: 1 October 30, 2014

Pretty crappy

User review rating: 0 October 28, 2014

why do people rate a movie that have either not seen yet, or do not plan on seeing?

User review rating: 5 October 26, 2014

Gonna love it!!!! Going to watch it on Saturday!

User review rating: 3 October 25, 2014

Not to bad of a movie. Thought it would be a lot better. Everything that happens you are literally waiting for it. Found myself saying " are you that dumb" many times throughout the movie

User review rating: 1 October 25, 2014

Would not even WATCH a movie that involves a Ouija board. Beware! Did that nonsense as a teenager It is dangerous.

User review rating: 1 October 25, 2014

Don't waste your money or time on this movie.

User review rating: 5 October 25, 2014

Goof movie

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