Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts (2009)

Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts (2009) Movie Poster

The five Animated Shorts nominated for the Academy Award are:

THIS WAY UP - A series of misfortunes befalls a pair of undertakers on their way to the cemetery.

PRESTO - A carrot triggers a war of wits between a magician and his hungry bunny.

LA MAISON EN PETITS CUBES - In a world gradually flooding with water, an old man adapts to changing circumstances and looks back on his life.

LAVATORY - LOVESTORY - A lonely lavatory attendant finds a bouquet of flowers in her tip jar.

OKTAPODI - An octopus fights to keep his beloved out of the cooking pot.

This program also contains the following non-nominated shorts: Varmints, John and Karen, Gopher Broke, Skhizein & Hot Dog.

Studio: Shorts International
Official Site: www.shortsinternational.com/shorts_oscar/index.html

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