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User review rating: 4 January 03, 2011

Fantastic movie!!!

User review rating: 0 July 31, 2006

this film is too beore. i was sleepy when i watched it

User review rating: 0 February 27, 2006

Eye opening. Shows that no matter how far women have come, no matter how hard they work to prove they are people and should be accorded basic human dignities, there are still those who want to keep them down, without any rights at all.

User review rating: 0 February 26, 2006

THis movie is a propaganda against Muslims from Afghanistan!!!!!!!!!!

User review rating: 0 December 14, 2005

a real yawn fest, I watched this movie last night and I can tell you this, nothing more then a glorifed story and thats just it a story. I thought the whole colour of the film looked yellowed and aged. I wouldn`t recomend this film at all. 1 star. Thumbs down

User review rating: 0 August 06, 2005

it moved me.

User review rating: 0 June 17, 2005

This was a heart-wrenching movie, full of insight on a culture that too often goes unnoticed.

User review rating: 0 May 02, 2005

it was wonderfull a movie thank you for best story and all of them. zeynep and ali

User review rating: 0 November 14, 2004

Thank you to Burmak and Marina and all those who helped make the film. A great movie, very inspiring. Should be more encouragement and support given to people to make films showing truths like this film does. They should show it in all schools (especially Western ones)

User review rating: 0 October 05, 2004


User review rating: 0 August 08, 2004

I thought it was amazing! I`m a teacher in New Jersey who has taught Afgan refugees, so I always wanted to know what their lives were like before they came to America. I was only confused by the metal objects that Osama`s husband offered her at the end. What were they?

User review rating: 0 June 25, 2004

Billed as the first entirely Afghan film shot on home soil since the rise and fall of the Taliban, Siddiq Barmak`s Osama ends up being of greater historical significance..

User review rating: 0 April 19, 2004

Truth shines through every frame, thanks to Barmak`s storytelling skill and his young star`s unaffected radiance.

User review rating: 0 April 19, 2004

Derives most of its power from providing a clear window on a previously obscured world.

User review rating: 0 April 19, 2004


User review rating: 0 February 27, 2004

Well, you think it`s the best movie of 2004, how do you know? Have you seen all the other movies that are going to be released in 2004?:)

User review rating: 0 February 25, 2004

great movie, shows a dark age that was so recent

User review rating: 0 February 22, 2004

i think this movie is this best movie in this year 2004.

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