Oray Movie Poster

Oray (Zejhun Demirov) strives to be a better person but struggles with his shady past.

His dream of being a good Muslim and the perfect husband is shattered after his argument with his wife Burcu results in him calling out "talaq". This phrase, by Islamic law, invokes divorce - the man has to leave his wife for three months, before the couple can come together again to reassess the bond between them.

Although Oray will not leave his wife, he obeys his faith. He moves to Cologne, gets lodged with a friend, takes a job at a flea market and makes contacts with a Muslim community. But one day Burcu is at his door. And Oray has to decide: between the love of his life and the love of his faith.

Producer(s): Mehmet Akif
Cast: Zejhun Demirov, Deniz Orta, Mikael Bajrami, Firat Ar, Faris YĆ¼zbasioglu, Ferhat Keskin, Kais Setti, Sahin Eryilmaz

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