One Day You'll Understand

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On DVD: July 14, 2009

1h 28m | Drama

Paris, 1987. On TV and on the radio, people follow the trial of Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie, called the Butcher of Lyon. In her apartment, Rivka, a woman in her eighties, listens to the account and is troubled by what she hears. Meanwhile, her son Victor, absorbed by the study of old family documents, is distraught. And for good reason: he has just realized that his mother kept from him certain events that occurred during the Occupation—in particular, circumstances surrounding the deportation and murder of his grandparents.

Director: Amos Gitaï
Studio: Seville Pictures
Producer(s): Amos Gitaï, Nicole Collet, Serge Moati
Cast: Jeanne Moreau, Hippolyte Girardot, Emmanuelle Devos, Dominique Blanc, Daniel Duval
Writer(s): Dan Franck, Jérôme Clément

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