One Breath

One Breath Movie Poster

Elena (Chara Mata Giannatou), a young Greek woman, decides to leave Athens for Frankfurt, due to her country's economic problems and lack of opportunities.

A friend in Germany has promised to help Elena find a job at a busy nightclub, but when Elena arrives, she finds out she's expecting, and taking a job where she'll be serving drinks is no longer an option. Instead, she finds a position as a nanny for Tessa (Jördis Triebel) and Jan (Benjamin Sadler), a couple who've just had their first child and are attempting to resume their professional lives.

Tessa turns out to be is a stern employer and being a nanny proves tougher than Elena expected, but she sticks it out — until something terrible happens.

Director: Christian Zübert
Producer(s): Ulf Israel
Cast: Jördis Triebel, Chara Mata Giannatou, Benjamin Sadler
Writer(s): Christian Zübert, Ipek Zübert

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