On Their Knees

On Their Knees Movie Poster

Two estranged half-sisters (Granofsky, Veninger) reunite to bury Nan, the grandmother who raised them after their mother passed away, at her ancestral home on the East Coast, a place she fled from a long time ago.

With Nan packed (illegally) in the back of an ice cream truck, they head off from Toronto on their mission. But will their differences get in the way? And what kind of reception will they get, if and when they arrive?
Director: Anaïs Granofsky
Studio: ThinkFilm
Producer(s): Vicki Gryspeerdt
Cast: Anaïs Granofsky, Ingrid Veninger, Jackie Burroughs, Maury Chaykin, Clarke Johnson, Julian Richings, Carlos Rota, Jackie Richardson, Peter Stebbings
Writer(s): Anaïs Granofsky

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