On My Mother's Side

After his filmmaker mother’s suicide, David, an architect in his thirties, learns that the man who raised him is not his real father. Encouraged by his wife, who just gave birth to a daughter, David begins an investigation, which leads him to discover that his mother was leading a double life.

In addition to her life with her husband and David, she maintained a correspondence with a man named Michel, a rabbit breeder in the village of Lanaudière. At the same time, David learns that the secret to his origins might be in his mother’s final film.

Director: Dominic Goyer
Studio: Les Films Séville
Producer(s): Valérie d'Auteuil
Cast: Marc Paquet, Sylvie de Morais, Élise Guilbault, Marc Béland, Germain Houde, David La Haye, Cynthia Wu-Maheux, Estelle Richard, Stéphanie Labbé
Writer(s): Dominic Goyer

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