Ollie Kepler's Expanding Purple World

Ollie Kepler's Expanding Purple World Movie Poster

A darkly comic tale of a young man's battle with madness. Ollie Kepler, wacky astronomy enthusiast and web designer, moves in with his best friend after he loses his fiancee, but is repeatedly drawn back to the place of her death; their unpainted apartment.

There, a broken promise made to her returns to haunt him with ...growing ferocity.Ollie's guilt merges with his scientific brilliance into a frantic attempt to redeem himself. Quitting his job in a bizarre act of defiance, Ollie spirals into a chilling world of obsession and tormenting voices, threatening both his friendship and sanity.

Convinced that a strange piece of rock he has found is a micro-chip which holds a vital message from his fiancee, Ollie sets about trying to unlock the chip with disastrous results. Somehow purple holds the key.Disturbing and eerily humorous, the film explores the fantasies the mind creates when reality overwhelms.

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