Ode to Joy (Oda do radosci)

Ode to Joy (Oda do radosci) Movie Poster

Three graduates of the L'ódz' Film School team to tell three tales of the new, post-Communist generation in this socially-conscious drama that took home the Special Jury Prize at the Polish Film Week in Gdynia, Poland.

Upon returning home from London in hopes of picking up her life where she had left off, Silesia-born Aga finds that industrial conflict and inertia preventing her from accomplishing her modest goal.

Meanwhile, in Warsaw, aspiring rapper Peras enters a local radio competition only to find his ambitious dreams for the future set off balance by his unstable relationship with a love interest who just doesn't possess the will-power to break free of her powerful father's grip.

The third and final segment finds a man named Wiktor returning to his coastal hometown of Pomerania, only to discover that the perspectives of his parents seem to have been warped by television and that his boss seems unable or unwilling to pay him for services rendered.

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