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3.49 / 5

User rating: 3.49

Based on 182 votes and 17 reviews

  • User rating: 3.49 35.14%
  • User rating: 3.49 27.03%
  • User rating: 3.49 13.51%
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  • User rating: 3.49 24.32%

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User review rating: 4 January 17, 2022

Delightful movie with an all-star cast

User review rating: 3 January 10, 2022

Alzheimer's Disease is much worse than the way it is portrayed in this film, which intends to be charming and sweet but doesn't really give a full idea of what Alzheimer's truly is. But I understand this is not a documentary after all.

User review rating: 5 December 31, 2021

Sweet and moving. A good story for everyone

User review rating: 4 December 28, 2021

Very relatable movie with good values, for everyone

User review rating: 3 December 19, 2021

I expected a different kind of film but I still enjoyed it. 3 out of 5 stars

User review rating: 5 December 14, 2021

Loved it

User review rating: 4 December 09, 2021

Heartwarming and enjoyable. On Google Play I was offered a 20% discount on the rental after I watched the trailer. Just a tip haha

User review rating: 5 December 05, 2021

George Chakiris plays the manager at the local bank! He’s Fernando from the original West Side Story. And Karen Grassle is Ma from the Little House on the prairie

User review rating: 4 December 03, 2021

Nice movie for families, suitable for everyone but maybe not children

User review rating: 3 December 02, 2021

I prefer the Notebook movie

User review rating: 4 December 02, 2021

I watched it on Amazon with my mother. Has Alzheimer’s and deserved a movie like this

User review rating: 1 December 01, 2021

Looks like the cast and crew is out writing their own good reviews, everyone knows this was an abomination

User review rating: 4 December 01, 2021

An ambitious, sweet, powerful movie that aims to make a difference. It is special and honorable

User review rating: 4 November 30, 2021

A low-budget film that was able to attract an outstanding cast and create a powerful tool for the fight against Alzheimer's. The film should be showed in schools and churches to educate people

User review rating: 5 November 30, 2021

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! Thank you also on behalf of my grandmother

User review rating: 5 November 30, 2021

The film feels like a fable, with a rollercoaster of emotions. I found myself crying and laughing. I don't know how it happened. Not to Forget is a drama with lighter, comedic moments -- which at first threw me off, but I then realized that were meant to make the film appealing to larger audiences. Everyone should be made aware of Alzheimer's and most likely had it in the family. This is a movie for everyone, and I am glad I watched it with my family after Thanksgiving dinner.

User review rating: 1 November 27, 2021

I caught a showing of this with my wife in Houston to kill some time. Absurdly corny for the caliber of actors that they had. The cast deserved better than that god-awful direction and editing.

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