Northern Greetings

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1h 33m | Documentary

During the construction of the hydroelectric power station in James Bay, the village of Radisson was built from scratch. Along with the rest of this remote region, it holds a place in the collective memory of Quebecers. The 1970s were the glory years of Hydro-Quebec, marked by construction of the mega-project, technological challenges, and negotiations with the Aboriginal peoples. What is life like in Radisson today? Who lives there?

Benoit Pilon’s most recent film follows several key characters from the village over four seasons, showing such everyday events as a wedding, the return from a hunting trip, and a farewell party. The filmmaker also turns his lens on the Crees, first inhabitants of this land, whose traditional ways were thrown into upheaval by the massive project. The perspectives of both sides intersect as each expresses a sense of belonging combined with a difficulty in putting down roots.

Studio: Seville Pictures
Writer(s): Benoît Pilon

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