No Smoking

No Smoking Movie Poster

What if a man is caught in a situation like this: A compulsive smoker vows to kick the habit and quit smoking. But if he disobeys, the consequences can be dire. If he touches a cigarette with the intention of lighting up, his car may be blasted into pieces. Too bad if he is sitting in it.

If he lights a cigarette, his asthmatic brother will be forced to inhale all the cigarette smoke he has exhaled all these years. If he lights up a second cigarette, he won't have anything left to hold that cigarette with. Meaning, his fingers may be chopped off.

If he still persists with his habit and doesn't quit smoking, he may lose the only person he has loved the most. In the end, he may get a final choice to choose between his own very life and the nicotine stick. Is cigarette dearer to him than his life, than his wife, than his fingers?

Director: Anurag Kashyap
Producer(s): Kumar Mangat Pathak, Vishal Bharadwaj
Cast: John Abraham, Ranvir Shorey, Joy Fernandes, Ayesha Takia, Kiku Sharda, Paresh Rawal, Jessy Randhawa

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