Nine Queens

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On DVD/VOD: October 1, 2002

1h 55m | Drama

A young swindler named Juan (Pauls) pulls a bill-changing scam at a corner store. He's apprehended when Marcos (Darín) flashes his cop's badge. But it seems Marcos isn't a cop, but rather a swindler himself. And he soon talks the seemingly naïve Juan into partnering on a high-stakes scam that involves a rare set of stamps known as the Nine Queens. The tricky negotiations that ensue bring into the picture a cast of suspicious characters including Marcos' beautiful sister Valeria (Bredice), their innocent younger brother Federico (Fonzi) who idolizes Marcos, and a slew of thieves, conmen and pickpockets.

Director: Fabián Bielinksky
Studio: Mongrel Media
Producer(s): Cecilia Bossi, Pablo Bossi
Cast: Gastón Pauls, Ricardo Darín, Leticia Bredice, Tomás Fonzi, Elsa Berenguer
Writer(s): Fabián Bielinksy
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