New Town Killers

New Town Killers Movie Poster

Sean lives with his sister Alice, a girl whose taste for the little luxuries in life exceeds her credit limit. One morning, they are visited by a woman who demands that Alice pay her debts because her creditors are getting angry - if she doesn't pay soon she will have to repay in kind by being a drug mule.

Sean berates his sister for taking out a needless loan from such dangerous people. Meanwhile, Jamie is being recruited by Alistair to play a game, success in which will mean that Jamie will be hired by Alistair and given more wealth and power than he could imagine. Finding a menial job as a washroom attendant, Sean tries to raise some cash.

On his first day, though, he is framed for theft by Jamie and Alistair. Why do this to Sean, a harmless young nobody? They want him to play a game - all Sean has to do is avoid being captured by them until 9am the following morning. That's it.

If he succeeds all he has to do is use a key they give him to collect enough money to save Alice from a locker at the train station. Sean refuses to play the game but is faced with prostitution as the only way of earning enough money. Refusing to pleasure a middle-aged man, Sean makes the decision to call Alistair and Jamie. The chase begins immediately.

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