New Denmark

New Denmark Movie Poster

Carla spends her 16th summer searching for her missing sister Margarete, who mysteriously disappeared a month ago. The local authorities don't appear to be doing anything and their mother is bedridden.

When not at her summer job, or looking after the family home and her little sister Marianne, Carla focuses all her energy into finding her sister. With the help of her friends, she tirelessly searches fields, rivers, the sides of highwas, landfills and woods. Carla knows the body of her older sister could be found anywhere, whether under a bridge, or behind a door, or in a store.

Director: Rafaël Ouellet
Studio: Estfilmindustri
Producer(s): Rafaël Ouellet
Cast: Carla Turcotte, Alexandra Soucy, Marco Bentz, Sophie Bérubé, Gilles-Vincent Martel
Writer(s): Rafaël Ouellet

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