My Queen Karo

My Queen Karo Movie Poster

In 1974, Raven, Dalia and their 10-year-old daughter Karo leave Belgium and go to Amsterdam, where they join a commune that believes in free love. Karo is astonished when her father takes on a new lover and her two children, right under his own family's eyes.

Torn between her love for her mother and her loyalty to her father, Karo takes refuge in a fantasy world. Soon, the tension between her parents poisons the lives of squatters, who are pressured by the owner who wants to evict them at any price.

Director: Dorothée van den Berghe
Studio: Caviar Films
Producer(s): Arielle Sleutel, Bert Hamelinck, Frank Van Passel
Cast: Anna Franziska Jeager, Déborah François, Maria Kraakman, Rifka Lodeizen
Writer(s): Dorothée Van Den Berghe

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