My Brother's Wedding w/ Two Burnett Shorts

My Brother's Wedding w/ Two Burnett Shorts Movie Poster

Charles Burnett's follow-up to Killer of Sheep joined the ranks of cinema's "lost" films made by important artists that for varying reasons never really saw the light of day.

Film critic Armond White called the failure of Wedding to secure a theatrical release "a catastrophic blow to the development of American pop culture." After a rough cut was shown at the New York film festival, My Brother's Wedding didn't receive distribution, and is only now being released, nearly twenty-five years later, following a new edit by Burnett, a restoration by the Pacific Film Archive, and the efforts of Milestone Films.

Adopting a more narrative approach than Killer, the film centres on Pierce Mundy, an intelligent but disaffected young man working in his parents' dry cleaning shop, acutely aware of his dim future prospects.

Challenging narrative conventions at every turn with its touching digressions on quotidian experience, the film displays the elusive brilliance that characterizes Killer, including Burnett's uncanny ability to pair images together in inspired edits whose mysterious power lingers long after they've faded from the screen.

Writer(s): Charles Burnett
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