My Brothers' Crossing

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Audience Score 94%

In Theaters: September 3, 2020

1h 38m | Drama

August 2015. While driving his pickup truck in remote southwest Virginia, CJ Martin (James Black), a Black man, accidently veers into the path of a motorcycle ridden by a white couple, Bobby (Joe Estevez) and Pam Clark (Eliza Roberts).

The accident was Martin's fault, as he drove into the wrong lane momentarily, causing the Clarks to swerve and skid, both eventually winding up underneath the truck, dead on impact. Martin fears that there will be retaliation from the Clarks' family, but what follows is a community rising up, blind to their different heritages, to heal and show incredible forgiveness in the wake of this tragedy.

Based on a true story.

Director: Ricky Borba
Producer(s): D'Andra Simmons, Edna White, Jeremy Lock, John T. Clark, Terri Lee Clark, Tony D. White, Tye Tribbett
Cast: Daniel Roebuck, James Richard Black, Paul Ben-Victor, Joe Estevez, Marsha Bennett, Duane Whitaker
Writer(s): Edna Janeen White
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