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User review rating: 5 March 02, 2017

Murdoch brings to mind the stories and genre of old Toronto the Good. My Mother born 1916 in TO and my Grandmother talked a lot about many of the topics in the show. The seance and prostitution for instance. Then there was what was referred to as 999 Queen St. The mental hospital. My Grandmother worked there and kept an eye open for her neighbour who was sent there. The neighbour was married to what was then referred to as a mulatto. When he died she went insane as her own family in Sudbury had rejected her . My Grandmother took her daughter of 14 in and she passed for white until the day she died. How they lived, how they washed clothes in a tub with a washboard, home remedies in those days ,how cold the houses were . Chickens (live) ,milk , bread , and seltzer were delivered the door. The milk has cream on top and milk below the round knob at the top. My Grandmother has the Spanish flu in 1918 in TO and wasn't expected to live but she did . TO had a few outbreaks of polio then too .My own Mother contracted it in 1921 at the age of five and spent time in the Sick Children hospital and a year in isolation in the Don Jail infirmary behind the Don Jail .

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