Muppets From Space

Muppets From Space Movie Poster

Andie MacDowell, Jeffrey Tambor, Ray Liotta, David Arquette and Pat Hingle are some of the voices you'll hear in this latest Muppet outing that has Gonzo leaving Earth to seek out his family roots in space.

Comments: Okay, folks at Henson, listen up -- you've got to have a cameo (at least) by PigsinSpace!
Director: Tim Hill
Studio: Columbia Pictures
Producer(s): Brian Henson
Cast: Jeffrey Tambor, Andie MacDowell, Frank Oz, Ray Liotta, Pat Hingle, Martin Baker, Hollywood Hogan, David Lenthall, Richard Fullerton, Carl Espy, Deron Barnett, Christina Mullins, Elaine Nalee, Alice Dinnean, John Henson, Drew Massey
Writer(s): Jerry Juhl, Joseph Mazzarino, Ken Kaufman
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