Munk Debates

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PRESENTED LIVE IN HD VIA SATELLITE. In a world of failed and failing states the December 1st Munk Debate will focus on the merits and pitfalls of humanitarian interventions. The resolution: "Be it resolved that if countries such as Sudan, Zimbabwe and Burma will not end their man-made humanitarian crises, the international community should." Arguing for the resolution is Mia Farrow, an award-winning actress and one of the most vocal and high profile proponents of stopping man-made humanitarian crises. She will be joined by Gareth Evans, CEO of the International Crisis Group. Mr. Evans served as Australia's Foreign Affairs Minister from 1988 to 1996 and spearheaded the creation of the Responsibility to Protect doctrine at the U.N. Speaking against the resolution is Rick Hillier, the former Chief of the Defence Staff and one of Canada's most outspoken military leaders. He will be joined by John Bolton, whom The Economist has called "the most controversial Ambassador ever sent by America to the UN." Mr. Bolton is an active participant in major international policy debates including the Responsibility to Protect doctrine.

Cast: Mia Farrow, Gareth Evans, Rick Hillier, John Bolton

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