Ms. F (Signorina Effe)

Ms. F (Signorina Effe) Movie Poster

An allegorical story of love and power is played against the backdrop of one of Italy's most powerful car manufacturers. Emma (Valeria Solarino) was born and raised in a working-class family, but she's long had bourgeois ambitions and has risen through the ranks to become a white-collar employee with the Fiat automobile company.

Emma is also romantically involved with Silvio (Fabrizio Gifuni), one of Fiat's top executives, but while she loves Silvio, she finds herself drawn to assembly line worker Sergio (Filippo Timi) after a chance meeting.

Sergio and his fellow shop workers are unhappy with their pay and working conditions, and are giving serious thought to a strike that would shut down production at Fiat, though Emma was raised to think of Fiat as family as much as employers. Torn between the love of two men, Emma also has to decide if her allegiances are with labor or management.

Signorina Effe (aka Miss F) was directed by Wilma Labate, who also contributed to the screenplay.

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