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Mr. Gaga - Official Trailer

4,051 Views | 1:56 | Uploaded on Mar 09, 2017

In the official trailer for the documentary Mr. Gaga we see a flash of key words used to describe all the characteristics held by renowned choreographer, Ohad Naharin. We are shown examples of how he teaches his students as well as the results of what they have learned in footage of his choreographed performances. Ohad then narrates the description of his own beginnings, which is followed by a clip of actress Nathalie Portman describing his talent. Ohad continues to describe his early life in a Kibbutz and subsequent beginning of his career as a dancer. We see and hear how Ohad was not garnering much attention at his performances but that his confidence carried through regardless. Commentary follows from those who work with the dancing guru as well as from the man himself, who states his philosophy that everyone should dance every day like he does. 

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