Mourning for Anna

Mourning for Anna Movie Poster

A young violinist is murdered in her apartment by a stranger. Her mother, devastated by the violent death of her daughter, decides to leave Montréal and take refuge, alone, in Kamouraska, at the country house built by her maternal ancestors and inherited from her mother. She tries to rebuild her life by re-establishing contact with Nature, with the house, and with the objects that remind her of her childhood and that of her daughter.

But a mother's grief is profound: she doesn't want to go on living. She wanders out into the forest one cold morning in order to freeze to death. However, she's discovered by a man. They recognize each other: they knew each other as teenagers. They can't help letting the amorous feelings of those times resurface. The presence of this man and the benevolent spirits of her grandmother, mother and daughter, all dead yet still present for her, help her regain her equilibrium and find the desire to live again.

Director: Catherine Martin
Studio: Coop Vidéo de Montréal
Cast: Guylaine Tremblay, François Papineau, Denise Gagnon, Denis Bernard, Sheila Jaffe
Writer(s): Catherine Martin
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