Mostly Martha

For Martha Klein (Gedeck), a thirty-something chef, food is work and work is life, with no room for fripperies like love, music or laughter. When her sister dies and leaves her as the temporary guardian of a willful eight-year-old girl, Lina (Foerste), Martha finds her life turned upside down. For, while she is an expert in the kitchen, Martha has no idea how to deal with other people let alone children. More tumult is added to her life when she suddenly finds her workspace invaded by the new hire: a flamboyant, charismatic Italian sous-chef, Mario (Castellito), with whom she is instantly at odds.

Over time, however, Mario's clever charm wins little Lina over, and Martha herself finds a quiet peacefulness and love and the beginnings of a new recipe for life.

Director: Sandra Nettelbeck
Studio: Paramount Classics
Producer(s): Christoph Friedel, Karl Baumgartner
Cast: Martina Gedeck, Sergio Castelitto, Maxime Foerste, Ulrich Thomsen
Writer(s): Sandra Nettelbeck
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