Mort Sahl: The Loyal Opposition

Mort Sahl: The Loyal Opposition Movie Poster
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1h 27m | Documentary

"A political satirist's job is to draw blood. I'm not so much interested in politics as I am in overthrowing the government." – Mort Sahl Mort Sahl was the very first.

Without precedent, he pioneered a form of critical satire -- never underestimating his audience's ability to think -- that inspired Lenny Bruce, Nichols and May, Woody Allen and so many others. With his trademark sweater and rolled up newspaper, Sahl took on current affairs issues with wit and intelligence, in a caustic "stream of conscience" monologue.

This exceptional documentary follows the career of the Montreal-born comedian, from his beginnings in the '50s at the famed Hungry i in San Francisco, through his JFK years (both writing jokes for and later satirizing Kennedy), to his role in Jim Garrison's assassination investigation team, the fallout from his barbs at the Warren Commission, and beyond.

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