Morgan Ahmed Morgan

Morgan Ahmed Morgan Movie Poster

Morgan Ahmed Morgan's a rich man; he's lost count of the number of companies he owns but knows he owns half the city! In Egyptian society, money and fame can get you places and can also get you out of places.

On a feel to run for parliament Morgan's children dare him to go back to school to get a college degree to prove and make him comprehend that money and power are not man's savior. His opponent in Parliament is ironically a Female "Dr. Jihan Mourad," a college professor and a Liberal! What happens when his own children are routing for his opponent?

When a fifty year old man sets foot in a college class room? Will his favorite companions -- money, power and fame -- get him out of this one? Will his very beliefs and ideals be changed? Or will his old ways prevail? Corruption is a worldwide plague, but in Egypt -- with Morgan -- corruption is an art... one that he has mastered!

Director: Ali Idreess
Cast: Adel Imam, Mervat Amin, Bassma , Sherif Salama
Writer(s): Youssef Meaaty

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