Mistaken for Strangers

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Release Date: March 28, 2014 (limited)

1h 15m | Comedy, Documentary

Having spent 10 years in a small but respected rock band, Matt begins to experience life as a front man on a larger scale. In 2010, the rock band The National released their fifth album and as they were set to go on the biggest tour of their career, Matt invited his younger brother Tom, a budding filmmaker, to be a part of the tour crew. Tom, still living with his parents despite being in his early 30s, agreed and brought his camera to record the experience.

However, Tom soon got tired of working as a member of the crew. He even lost track of the film he was trying to make and was eventually fired. Following the tour, he moved in with Matt and his wife, Carin, to finish the film. With over 200 hours of footage and no drama to work with - the band hadn’t broken up; none of them had a drug addiction and the shows were successful - Tom felt the film had no direction.

Carin and Matt encouraged Tom to not give up, and to make himself a part of the story. Tom finally made the film as an amusing and touching portrait of two very different brothers.

Director: Tom Berninger
Studio: KinoSmith
Official Site: mistakenforstrangersmovie.com

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