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Mine - Official Trailer

5,367 Views | 2:00 | Uploaded on Feb 21, 2017

In the official trailer for Mine, we're taken to a remote location in the desert as two snipers, Mike (Armie Hammer) and Tommy (Tom Cullen), lie in wait for their target. A car kicks up sand in the distance and approaches. A man exits the vehicle once it stops, but then a woman arrives and Mike realizes a wedding ceremony is about to take place. He doesn't proceed with his mission, but is noticed by armed gunmen who begin firing at Mike and Tommy. 

As the trailer continues, Mike and Tommy radio in and request extract. They're informed that their pick-up point is across the desert and Mike recognizes that to reach it, they'll have to cross 33 million landmines. Shortly after, Tommy is blasted by a mine as he walks away from Mike and Mike is left to fend for himself for 52 hours until he can be rescued.

The trailer ends with Mike battling the harsh elements of the desert and the crippling psychological effects of the situation.

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