Mince alors !

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1h 40m | Comedy

Nina, an outgoing, energetic young woman, is the financial director of a swimwear company. When she gains a few pounds, her husband Gaspard, who's the director of the company, reproaches her for her weight gain. He advises her to go on a one-month retreat at Brides-les-Bains, a spa resort in Savoie known for its weight-loss program. To avoid making waves, Nina puts her pride aside and travels to the spa.

Soon after arriving, she makes friends with Sophie, a lawyer from Marseilles who's as thin as a twig and Emily, a mother who wants to lose 50 pounds and gain a little self-esteem. Between dietary meals, massages and gym sessions, the three women discover that friendship can be a formidable ally.

Director: Charlotte de Turckheim
Studio: Axia Films
Producer(s): Anne Derré, Christine Gozlan, Dominique Besnehard, Michel Feller
Cast: Victoria Abril, Lola Dewaere, Catherine Hosmalin, Grégory Fitoussi, Mehdi Mebbou, Julia Piaton, Martin Daquin, Pauline Lefèvre
Writer(s): Charlotte de Turckheim, Gladys Marciano

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