Midnight Movies: From the Margin to the Mainstream

Midnight Movies: From the Margin to the Mainstream Movie Poster
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1h 26m | Documentary

Featuring six cult cinematic masters dissecting the craft, the unique vision and the resounding impact that each of their films had on not only audiences but other filmmakers and the very landscape of cinema. Directors John Waters (Pink Flamingos), David Lynch (Eraserhead), George A. Romero (Night of the Living Dead), Alejandro Jodorowsky (El Topo), Perry Henzell (The Harder They Come) and Richard O’Brien (creator and star of The Rocky Horror Picture Show) became superstars and their legacy is all encompassing to this day.

Here, each of these artists relives these landmark productions for a new generation, alongside the producers, writers and actors like Tim Curry who were part of them, the exhibitors who played them, the legendary film critics like Roger Ebert who reviewed them and the audiences who devoured them so ecstatically.
Writer(s): Stuart Samuels
Official Site: www.midnightmoviesfilm.com

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