Men in the Nude (Férfiakt)

Men in the Nude (Férfiakt) Movie Poster

His career on the wane and his marriage to a narcissistic actress in shambles, an uninspired screenwriter finds his passions awoken in ways that he never expected after making the acquaintance of a bisexual teenage street hustler. Tibor is in his mid-fifties, and lately his career prospects have been looking especially bleak.

Though his wife was once a famous actress, these she's lucky to find a substantial role in provincial theater. One day, while his wife is out of town, Tibor meets an effeminate street thug named Zsolt.

While in the past Tibor has always considered himself strictly heterosexual, there's something about Zsolt that he cannot resist and he eventually invites the boy back to his apartment.

His creative spirit reawakened by the experimental affair, the writer eventually realizes just how risky the relationship is and subsequently attempts to sever his ties with the smoldering gigolo.

But ending the affair isn't going to be so easy, because Tibor is just another john to Zsolt, and the scheming street ruffian certainly isn't above a little blackmail when it comes to keeping their relationship low-key.

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