Méchant Party

Méchant Party Movie Poster

Daniel is a kind-hearted man working in the city and in love with a co-worker, Diane. Daniel decides to take advantage of a Halloween costume party the office is throwing, and asks Diane to go with him. She happily accepts, and while driving to pick her up, he decides to help a man, Sylvain, whose car is broken down.

While driving, Daniel is so excited about his date that he tells a preoccupied Sylvain all about it. Suddenly Daniel's happy life is turned upside down when Sylvain pulls out a gun and demands Daniel join him accompany him to complete his task.

Director: Mario Chabot
Studio: Film Tonic
Cast: Roc Lafortune, David La Haye, Catherine Sénart, Lisa Dion, Tony Conte
Writer(s): Mario Chabot
Official Site: www.mechantparty.com

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