Me Myself I

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Pamela Drury (Griffiths) seems to be living the life of the ideal modern woman. She is an award-winning writer, she has travelled around the world and she owns real estate. Yet somehow she feels as though her life is empty, which she attributes to the fact that she feels she has never experienced true love. What would have happened if she didn't turn down Robert Dixon's (Roberts) marriage proposal 13 years ago?

Raked with regret and at the brink of despair, Pamela magically collides with someone who is to change her life: herself. The Pamela who did marry Robert all those years ago.

Pamela Two comes complete with Robert, three children, and a dog. Astonished to meet her alternative self, Pamela is further stunned when Pamela Two vanishes, leaving Pamela stranded in the married life... with funny, revealing, and poignant consequences.
Director: Philippa Karmel
Studio: Sony Picture Classics
Producer(s): Fabien Liron
Cast: Rachel Griffiths, David Roberts, Sandy Winton, Shaun Loseby
Writer(s): Philippa Karmel
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