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Some fellow cultural activists are working hard on inviting several U.S. resident Iranian scholars to Tehran, to have them participate in the gathering in their honor. The very first invitation goes to Majid Kasraee, John Hopkins university professor and honorary conductor of the New York symphony orchestra, but a typo happens in the e-mail address to Kasraee and the invitation goes to a Kasraee in Los Angeles.

This second Kasraee, who is a well known singer in Los Angeles night clubs, takes this invitation as a big surprise and wonders how they have discovered his talent in Iran, but he happily accepts the honor and he travels to Iran with his band.

In Tehran, he is well greeted and welcomed; called "Professor sir" and is invited to many cultural events as a main speaker. One occasion even has him doing the ground breaking for the building of a music school.

Nobody is aware of this mistake...
Director: Saman Moghadam
Studio: Hedayat Film
Producer(s): Morteza Shayesteh
Cast: Farhad Ayish, Gohar Kheyrandish, Mohamad Reza Sharifinia, Rambod Javan, Pegah Ahangarani, Amir Jafari
Writer(s): Peyman Ghassemkhani

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