Max Pinlig (Max Embarrassing)

Max Pinlig (Max Embarrassing) Movie Poster

Adolescence can be one of the most confusing and disorienting periods of life, as the characters at the center of this youth drama could readily testify. For Max (Samuel Heller-Seiffert), puberty lies ahead. He wants nothing more than to spend this Christmas or New Year's Eve with a girl in his class who has seized his attention - Ofelia (Ophelia Eriksen).

Unfortunately, while Max's mother, Agnete, has her heart in the right place, she often ends up making a mess of everything, which is exactly what happens at Christmas. That leaves only New Year's for Max to make his move on Ofelia.

He decides to wrest control of the situation by throwing the best New Year's Eve anyone has ever seen, with his two friends Hassan (Faysal Mobahriz) and Esther (Agafia Svideniouk Egholm), and inviting Ofelia. But things don't quite work out as planned when Esther unveils her true feelings for Max before he even has an opportunity to talk to Ofelia.

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