Mati Muda Di Pelukan Janda

Mati Muda Di Pelukan Janda Movie Poster
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Comedy, Romance

Rahmat graduates high school, but is unable to continue his studies at college because he cannot afford it. Orphaned when he was seven, he has been raised by a salon owner, but has grown into a real man --smart, pious and dutiful. Rahmat falls in love with Ratih, a widow who lives nearby.

Yet another widow, Sari, has a crush on Rahmat, sending food, calling him her future husband, but Rahmat always declines her advances. Jealous of Ratih, Sari says bad things about her and ratih does not have the strength to defend herself. Although he has to struggle, Rahmat has the spirit to defend Ratih, but will he ever manage to gain her love?

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