Maryada Ramanna

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Action/Adventure, Comedy

Komal is a very innocent and hard-working youngster from Karnataka. Komal rides on his decrepit bicycle to transport goods but he loses his job due to delivery delay. His dealers forced to buy an Auto rickshaw costing 2 lakhs. Due to financial problem Komal is helpless to buy a Auto rickshaw.

At the same time he receives a letter from his Village regarding his 5-acre property is restored and he can claim it now. So Komal plain to move his village, on the way to village he meets a beautiful girl Nisha Shah he fall in love with her.

Komal approaches a feudal lord to help him in selling his land but due to certain circumstances Komal gets trapped in his house, since they come to know that he is the son of the man who killed the feudal lord's brother. The rest of the story is all about how Komal escapes from his death trap.

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