Martha (1974)

Martha (1974) Movie Poster

Letzte Rose (The Last Rose) was adapted from Frederich von Flotow's opera Martha. Set in a very Teutonic-looking England, the story concerns a royal lady-in-waiting named Harriet (Carla Spletter) who is promised in marriage to an aristocrat, Lord Tristan (Georg Alexander). Alas, Harriet has fallen in love with humble peasant Lyonel (Helge Rosenwange).

All seems lost for Harriet and Lyonel until Queen Elizabeth unexpectedly rules that the English peasants are now permitted to be landowners, putting Lyonel on equal footing with the huffy Tristan.

Considering the fact that the film deals in individual personalities, it's surprising that most of the musical highlights in Letzte Rose are group production numbers.

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