Maniac Cop 2

Maniac Cop 2 Movie Poster

You have the right to remain silent . . . Forever!

This sequel to Maniac Cop pits Matt Cordell (Robert Z'dar), the crazed, murderous Maniac Cop of the first film (now horribly disfigured after a particularly brutal stay in prison), and Turkel (Leo Rossi), a serial killer who likes to murder strippers, against a frenzied NYPD detective, Sean McKinney (Robert Davi), who is just one step ahead of a nervous breakdown.

His nerves don't get much relief when officers Jack Forrest (Bruce Campbell) and Teresa Mallory (Laurene Landon) insist that Cordell is still alive -- not only alive, but unkillable. Then Jack is murdered and the silent Maniac Cop breaks Turkel out of jail.

With a group of rancid prisoners, they take police department psychologist Susan Riley (Claudia Christian) hostage. When the prisoners attempt a massive prison break, McKinney musters his forces to hunt down Cordell and Turkel and save Susan.

Director: William Lustig
Producer(s): Lawrence Cohen
Cast: Claudia Christian, Robert Davi, Michael Lerner, Clarence Williams III, Bruce Campbell, Leo Rossi, Laurene Landon, Robert Z'Dar, Lou Bonacki
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