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1h 31m | Comedy

A self-sufficient beekeeper and her ten year old son begin to experience the change in their lives that both have been hoping for when a traveling circus erects their big top in the rolling back yard of their pastoral homestead.

Single mother Betty (Marie Gillain) may be more than capable of caring for son Tommy (Louis Dussol) on her own, but that doesn't mean that she wouldn't reject the perfect guy should he somehow happen along. As Betty scours the internet in search of just such a man, dejected Tommy serenades the moon in hopes that his father will return and all will be right.

Later, when a traveling circus rolls in and sets up right in their back yard, Tommy befriends lovable clown Baptiste (Cali), while Baptiste's partner Auguste (Antoine Dulery) sets his sights on Betty. A original musical for the entire family, Magic is filled with lively songs and colorful characters.

Director: Philippe Muyl
Studio: Remstar Productions
Producer(s): Maxime Rémillard
Cast: Marie Gillain, Cali , Antoine Duléry, Benoît Brière, Louis Dussol
Writer(s): Philippe Muyl
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