Made in Hungária

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1h 49m | Comedy

It's 1960. Miki, 18, returns to Communist Hungary with his parents after living in the United States for four years.

Miki's old friends don't know what to make of his outrageous clothes, flawless American accent and collection of original Buddy Holly 45s. His childhood sweetheart is cold and distant while local tough guy Röné is unmoved by the challenger to his rock 'n' roll crown.

But that's not all. When the authorities see the effect Miki's gyrating hips and lewd music have on teenage girls, they won't stand for it. His father's job is on the line, and, for the first time, Miki must play by the rules. He has no choice but to enter the local talent show—and the rest is rock 'n' roll history.

Director: Gergely Fonyó
Studio: Next Station Productions
Writer(s): István Tasnádi

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