Macbeth - Stratford Festival HD

Macbeth - Stratford Festival HD Movie Poster

In the 11th century, Macbeth (Ian Lake), a fierce soldier, claws his way to power. Self-centered, arrogant and impetuous, Macbeth is manipulated by his wife, Lady Macbeth, who needles him into killing the King of Scotland. He reluctantly does so, but it sets off a string of other murders.

MacBeth becomes the new King of Scotland but fears others will try to take his power away. He orders many more men and their families to be murdered. begins to see the ghosts of the murdered men and is haunted by them, while Lady MacBeth is wracked with guilt for her part in the murder of so many innocent people.

Director: Antoni Cimolino, Shelagh O'Brien
Studio: Melbar Entertainment Group
Producer(s): Barry Avrich, Susan Edwards
Cast: Ian Lake, Krystin Pellerin
Writer(s): William Shakespeare

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