Luke and Lucy & The Texas Rangers

Luke and Lucy & The Texas Rangers Movie Poster
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On DVD/VOD: February 22, 2011

1h 32m | Family

Using a powerful magic dust, the evil Jim Parasite shrinks the Texas Rangers, then locks them in empty whisky bottles from his illegal distillery. Ranger Tom escapes by hiding in a box of whisky sent to Belgium.

In Belgium, teenagers Luke and Lucy live with their strict aunt. The whisky box arrives at their neighbor's house—the jovial but bumbling Ambrose. While a scientist tries to restore Tom to his normal size, Luke, Lucy, Ambrose and Aunt Sybil leave for Texas to rescue the other Rangers. But they have to hurry, because the evil Parasite is preparing to use his magic powder on the whole world.

Studio: Skyline Entertainment
Writer(s): Guy Mortier, Dirk Nielandt
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